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From unfinished, finished, doodles. I will have them all here :)

That feeling when you’re proud of what you’ve created…only to be told to that it’s all wrong and you need to go back to the kitch- I mean drawing board…

I feel you man….I feel you .____.

Artist: Gregory And The Hawk
Track: "Boats and Birds"

My bro and I are slowly trying to stream games through twitch~

But you can see him at least play Call of Duty hereĀ until we can get a better set up

Another commission done!~
Another commission done!~
Another Commission done.
Gotta say I amaze myself with that food…except the rice >.>
But this was my second attempt at food art XD
Done in SAI
This was fun~
Now if only I could animate it….
Raizel Coloring process
Etrian Odyssey style ;)